Monthly Tidings – January 2018

OK, I’m a little behind schedule. These things happen.

What I’m reading:

Tressie McMillan Cottom: THICK. This book is A Lot but it’s important. Cottom is a sociologist, writer, and speaker — a proper Public Intellectual, and the book is a collection of somewhat autobiographical essays largely about American culture and the Black* experience. (At least, that’s my best stab at a summary so far. I’m only two chapters down, and I started in the middle.) It’s so good, folks (and I’m so glad it’s essays; it’s a lot easier for me to digest shorter works these days).

(Cottom uses lowercase-b black and I should probably follow her example, but I finally got myself trained to assume capital-B, following the argument in this 2014 NYT op-ed, and habits are hard to learn and unlearn. I’m doing my homework on this question now.)

What I’m working on:

Figuring out an accountability cohort/plan/scheme/secret society that will help keep me on track with the writing projects I aim to get out the door this year. If I manage to get something off the ground, I’ll probably natter about it here.

(YES I know I am doing the “clean your desk when you have a deadline looming” but I am as God made me.)

What I’m listening to:

Either my Pandora station of “classical Muzak” (think Barber’s Adagio for Strings and a lot of Ralph Vaughan Williams) or dance pop. Do I get nerd points if the music‘s in a language I don’t speak?

What I learned recently:

As a profession, historians are much much stuffier than librarians.