New year, new semester, new ideas

Just a quick note to start the semester off right. Last night was adjunct faculty orientation here at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park, and it was fantastic. I attended an overview session given by one of the full-time English faculty members, Hilary Wilson, who was engaging, funny, and full of helpful information, and one given by the math department’s Debbie Char. Prof. Char’s presentation on classroom games and keeping student attention was top-notch, and I’ll be spreading these ideas to as many of my academic friends as I can.

I’m pumped to teach library sessions this semester, to work more closely with faculty to help their students succeed, and to take advantage of the great classes offered and get familiar with some more subject areas.

May you all have a productive, exciting, and low-stress Spring 2013!

ACRL’s Instruction Section Mentoring Committee is recruiting mentors!

Hear ye, hear ye!

Do you want to lead? Do you want to share your professional library experience? Feel a need for some professional mentoring? Then consider becoming an ACRL/IS Mentor or Mentee for 2010-2011!

The ACRL Instructional Section Mentoring Program’s purpose is to contribute to the professional development of academic librarians interested in information literacy instruction and improving their teaching skills by pairing librarians experienced in teaching with librarians new to instruction or to the Instruction Section.

The program creates a forum for learning opportunities, networking, and the exchange of ideas between paired mentors and mentees. Conference attendance is not required. In fact, much of the mentoring takes place outside of scheduled conferences.

ACRL/IS Mentoring committee is seeking experience librarians to become mentors and new librarians to become mentees.

If you are interested please fill out an application on the IS Mentoring Program web site

Applications are accepted year-round. Priority will be given to applications received by October 15 for matches to be made in time for Midwinter. If you are thinking about registering for ALA Midwinter and Annual Conference, please consider applying for the mentoring program at the same time.

If you have questions about the ACRL Instruction Section Mentoring Program, please contact the Committee Chair Wendy Holiday at

My Pratt classmates know I’m passionate about mentoring. If you know anyone that would be a good mentor, send them our way! We have plenty of resources to help you ease into mentoring if you’re new to it and members of the mentoring committee will be personally assigned to help guide you through the process.

Pass it on!

Edit: Please note that if you’re not interested in mentoring or don’t have significant experience you can still recommend our efforts to someone you know that WOULD be a great mentor. Word of mouth does wonders!