Librarianship on Twitter

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen some tweets from me lately with the hashtag #fpadpsy. These are news items intended for the students in Adolescent Psychology here at STLCC-Forest Park, and I pull them into Blackboard as a weekly roundup of psych news.

Though I invited students in the class to follow me and to use the hashtag to share their own news and ideas on Adolescent Psych, it’s been just me so far. Part of the experiment with the new embedded librarian program here at Forest Park is to discover which tools maximize student engagement. I’ve made it clear that the fastest way to get my attention outside of business hours is to use Twitter, and also offered search tips for the hashtag for students who want to keep up on subject news without signing up for Twitter themselves.

We’ll see what happens as the semester progresses and research papers come into play. For now, I’m enjoying the excuse to keep an ear out for stories on a topic that’s as new to me as it is to the students.

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