I’m a native of St. Louis and an alumna of the School of Information at Pratt Institute in New York. I wear many hats, but my favorite new self-selected title is “information janitor,” with credit to Etymology Online and especially Sue the T-Rex.

My academic background can be broadly summed up as a meandering path through the history of the intersection of culture and policy. Besides my MLS,  I have a Masters in history with a focus on 20th century public policy, a BA in history with minors in comparative literature and music, and a BS in anthropology.

My current favorite topic is how data is made, used, taught, and understood, which builds on my ongoing fascination with digital humanities and the new ways that computing can be used to expand our understanding of culture.

I’m a lifelong gamer (board, card, tabletop, computer) and amateur musician, a voracious reader and an enthusiastic fan of deeply goofy movies.

Want to get in touch? find me on Twitter or send me an email.

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